Hot Lava in the Dark

This morning was the 3rd time I’ve gone on the Lava Ocean Adventures Tour, and it continues to surprise and thrill me every time. It’s the only Lava Chasing Charter that gives you a front row seat to experience Red Hot Lava spilling into the Pacific Ocean - the most incredible views of lava that you can find! Helicopter views are good, yet you won’t hear the lava crackle, sizzle and pop, or smell their sulfur – lava flows so fresh they’re still forming new land. You’ll be a breath away from the Volcano Kilauea’s River of Lava and the golden sunlit Kalapana coastline.

Lava5 3-25
Here is where the Pacific Ocean boils, you can feel it, and the crew of the Lava Kai hauls up a scalding bucket of seawater as proof. Right before your eyes, this 2,000º fiery river hits the cool ocean, balls of lava form sizzling hot rocks, turning them black almost instantly. Lava flowing into the sea is a rare occurrence; watching land being created is an incredible once in a lifetime experience.

Hiking there is great, but for safety reasons the county requires that you maintain a 1/2-mile distance from the flow (or receive a stiff fine). So the boat tour is the only way to get really close.

Shane, Dan & Keith are vivid storytellers, explaining that the lava (like most humans) takes the least path of resistance and follows the terrain. If lava flow leaves a tree standing, that tree was either elevated, or its roots were deep enough to continue to give life.

The infamous “Black Sand Beach” was the best surf spot on the island until Pele claimed it. Apparently Pele prefers surfing alone.

Whale Watching is possible; they swim in these warmer waters. Perhaps this is their natural Jacuzzi while on holiday here in the islands from Alaska!

Shangri’La guests receive a discount, especially on groups of 4 or more, so be sure to mention it! If you’re nice to Captain Shane, he may let you drive the boat. ALOHA!